Working with farmers to deliver agri-environment initiatives

Farmer tends to his lands and livestock near the River Camlad
© Jiri Rezac/WWF-UK

Many farmers already engage in environment initiatives, such as Catchment Sensitive Farming and take voluntary action through Campaign for the Farmed Environment and The Rivers Trust pinpoint advice. Farmers also adhere to standards such as the LEAF Marque. Through WaterLIFE, we are working with farmers in East Anglia to implement water sensitive farming and reduce pollution affecting rivers.

To help farm advisors, businesses and others encourage more farmers to get involved in agri-environment initiatives, we have produced a guidance sheet, based on research as well as experience from working with farmers. The guidance offers quick and helpful solutions to overcome potential challenges, which may include:

  • The perception that what’s good for the environment is at odds with being productive
  • An expectation of criticism from environment groups
  • Concern about the longevity of funding for such schemes
  • Concern that such schemes will bring increased bureaucracy

Solutions for working with farmers to overcome these challenges:

  • Stress the agronomic advantage
  • Be crystal clear about the benefits to the farmer
  • Celebrate farming achievements and successes
  • Identify key agricultural champions

Download the guidance for more detailed information:

Encouraging farmers to get involved with agri-environment initiatives