Managing beet for healthy rivers

Farmers, business, retailers and producers from across the supply chain came together in October 2016 to:

  • Set out the evidence to show the impact of sugar beet production on the environment
  • Discuss a range of potential options across the supply chain
  • Seek agreement and support from across the supply chain for identified solutions
  • Seek agreement and support to deliver key solutions within WaterLIFE’s water stewardship catchments (the CamEO and/or Broadland Rivers)

After a lively day filled with varied discussion, debate and presentations, two key themes emerged.

  1. Collaboration – Nearly all stakeholders highlighted a desire to understand how to better work together and align as a wide supply chain and what their role could or should be. In particular the upper supply chain wanted to understand their role.
  2. Understand mitigation measures – A number of stakeholders wanted to understand the facts around beet production, its impact, and the measures that can be employed to overcome risk and what they can do about it. This included discussion of mitigating unintended consequences and understanding the impact of beet production and agriculture.

For more information, please read the full workshop report.