Silt traps installed in the CamEO

Six silt traps have been installed on the Euston Estate in the Cam & Ely Ouse catchment in East Anglia as part of our work to reduce the pollution affecting the chalk streams in East Anglia.

The project is designed to reduce run off from an outdoor pig unit as well as from rotational crops, such as sugar beet and maize. The area is on gradual sloping land with very light, Breckland soils which are prone to movement.

The project also includes installing road humps/cross drains across tracks and diverting the water into silt traps to stop the water running off onto a road. This way of stopping pathways has been very effective. The estate has also put in place large buffer strips and cultivated strips to reduce runoff.


Sill trap installed to collect run off from from outdoor pig unit

Silt trap on the CamEO

Road hump, designed to divert water from entering the watercourse

Road hump designed to divert the flow and prevent it entering the watercourse - Norfolk Rivers Trust

A swale, designed to collect the diverted flow 

Swale for the water to run into - Norfolk Rivers Trust