Where we’re working

The Broadland Rivers catchment includes five major rivers: the Bure, Wensum, Yare and Waveney. It is an iconic landscape, covering Norwich and the Norfolk Broads.

It contains England’s largest wetland – the Broads: home to a national park where a quarter of our most rare and endangered species are found, including the Norfolk hawker dragonfly, bittern and swallowtail butterfly. The Wensum is one of England’s unique and iconic chalk streams.

However, over 90% of rivers in this area are not healthy and rural pollution poses a significant pressure. The work WaterLIFE is doing aims to reduce this pressure affecting the catchment’s health.

What we’re doing

WaterLIFE is working with Norfolk Rivers Trust and Coca-Cola to show how Water Stewardship can help improve the health of the catchment. You can find out more about how Coca-Cola is involved with WaterLIFE by visiting the ‘background‘ section of the site.

Over the next 18 months we will:

  • Work directly with farmers in the catchment to help deliver water sensitive practices that will reduce the pollution currently harming the catchment’s chalk streams. This will include on-farm interventions, such as installing silt traps to reduce sediment running off fields into rivers.
  • Share the lessons and results of this approach with farmers, businesses and government through workshops, case studies and visits, to prompt further action by others.

For more information about the area and catchment partnership, visit the Broadland Rivers catchment page on the Catchment Based Approach website.