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Simon Aguss

Simon Aguss

Project Manager, WWF UK

Simon Aguss is the WaterLIFE Project Manager at WWF – responsible for co-ordinating delivery across WWF, The Rivers Trust and Westcountry Rivers Trust; reporting to the EU and other funders; overseeing project finances; and generally representing the project in a wide range of situations. When he doesn’t have his head stuck in spreadsheets, Simon enjoys cycling, photography and persuading his son to eat vegetables from the family allotment!

Rose O'neil

Rose O’Neill

UK Freshwater Policy Manager, WWF UK

Rose O’Neill leads on UK water policy for WWF-UK, taking a special interest in protecting and restoring England’s unique chalk streams. In July 2014, she began working on WaterLIFE, a European project which is working with communities, businesses and government to improve the health of our rivers. Rose went on maternity leave in June 2015, but will be back working on WaterLIFE in 2016.

Hannah Blackburn

Hannah Blackburn

Communications Officer, WWF-UK

Hannah is responsible for overseeing all project communications which includes developing the project’s identity, sharing key messages and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders. Previous to WaterLIFE, Hannah delivered communications for Westminster City Council, which gave a real insight into some of the cross-cutting social, economic and ecological issues.

Kathy Hughes

Kathy Hughes

Freshwater Project Manager, WWF UK

Kathy has worked for WWF for three and a half years and specialises in WFD implementation – particularly how civil society and business can contribute to greater implementation and healthier waters. Kathy has expertise in environmental legislation, catchment management approaches, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and fisheries.

Dominic Gogol

Dominic Gogol

Water Policy Manager, WWF UK

Dominic has worked for WWF for four years, and has recently taken over as Water Policy Manager whilst Rose is on maternity leave. Dominic was instrumental to achieving some of the measures in the Water Act 2014, including abstraction reform and the new resilience duty placed on Ofwat.

Rob Collins

Rob Collins

Head of Policy, The Rivers Trust

Rob joined The Rivers Trust (RT) in 2012 and undertakes a range of policy and technical work, engaging closely with Government, its Agencies and those sectors impacting upon the water environment. In addition to project management of WaterLIFE from the RT perspective, Rob is also a member of the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) Support Team. Rob has a background in catchment management with a focus upon water quality, water resources and modelling.

Nick Paling

Nick Paling, MSc, PhD

Head of Data, Evidence and Communications, Westcountry Rivers Trust

Nick Paling specialises in the visualisation and communication of strategic information in order to engage stakeholders and ensure work to improve rivers and catchments is targeted in the most important areas. Nick is involved with the Catchment Based Approach for the River Tamar catchment, as well as in numerous other catchment partnerships across the South West.

Lucy Morris

Lucy Morris, MSc

Data, Evidence and Communications Officer, Westcountry Rivers Trust

Lucy has a background in ecology and environmental management, and specialises in data analysis and data visualisation. Lucy has a key role in communicating Westcountry Rivers Trust’s scientific outputs and project work to a wide variety of audiences. In the WaterLIFE project, Lucy is responsible for using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyse and map spatial data for the Tamar catchment.

Hazel Kendall

Hazel Kendall

Senior Project Manager, Westcountry Rivers Trust

Hazel is an environmental scientist specialising in land and catchment management at Westcountry Rivers Trust. She has extensive expertise in environmental surveying, sampling, monitoring and reporting and is a specialist in freshwater ecology, having carried out extensive benthic macro invertebrate sampling, sorting and identification. Hazel’s land management work has involved working closely with farmers and landowners in a number of key regional catchments for the delivery of farm advice and interventions with the aim of reducing diffuse pollution from agriculture.

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